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Our Tanning Beds and Booths


UltraSun JetPower 6000

This bed has (50)160 watt reflector lamps with an additional (5)1500 watt facial lamps. With this bed, you only require one tanning session per week to maintain your tan. Now that's smart tanning! Spoil yourself in this incredible bed!

UltraSun Power House 6000

Features 28 160-Watt Lamps in the base and 27 160-Watt Reflector Lamps with five 1,000-Watt Facials in the canopy.  It offers standard equipment such as a turbo body fan and a turbo exhaust fan in both the base and the canopy.  It’s a wide body, large radius tanner providing an unprecedented level of space and reclining comfort.


UltraSun Sunburst 4000

The Sunburst 4000 is a smaller version of our Ultra Sun Powerhouse 6000. It produces a beautiful tan with its 38 body lamps and 3 High Pressure UV-A facial lamps. Our extra ventilation keeps this bed cool while you tan or just turn down the fans for warm relaxation.


UltraSun 4000 Plus

Super Bed tanning unit with 40 high power reflector lamps & three high pressure 500-watt facialfacial lamps.


The Starship

A power booth which contains (60)200 watt lamps.  All you need is a 9 minute session in this booth to stimulate your melanin giving you unbelievable results and helping you tan much better in the other equipment we have.The highest levels of UVA (browning ray) ever produced from fluorescent sunlamps.  Very low UVB (burning ray).  Every sunlamp contains both UVA and UVB rays. Most ‘fast’ tanning beds use very high amounts of UVB (as much as 9%) for shorter tanning sessions. This means more burning and reddening than browning. The Starship uses extremely high UVA and very low UVB (2.6%). So you get the richest, darkest, most ‘gentle’ tan without the burn




Sun Capsule's VHR booth.  One of our most popular stand up booths.  This booth tans 3 layers deep with (54)160 watt bulbs.  Smart tanning at it's best.  This is the 10 minute tan worth standing for!


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