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Tanning Information

It is our mission at South Beach Tanning Salon to keep our clients informed on the latest information available on safe tanning practices and the care and maintenance of your tan to keep you looking healthy.  Below are several documents we make available to all our clients to help you have a better understanding of the indoor tanning process.

Know Your Skin Type 

With a little common sense and some education, most sunburns can be avoided altogether. Whether you tan indoors at a tanning salon or achieve your tan outdoors from Mother Nature, learning about your skin type and how to tell... pdficon_small.png (download pdf)

Understanding Our Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it plays a vital role in maintaining your health and wellness. It’s wonderfully resilient and can survive a great deal of punishment. The skin is the body’s boundary layer, tough enough to resist all sorts of environmental assaults, yet... pdficon_small.png (download pdf)

Taking Care of Those Eyes

As a responsible tanner--indoors and outdoors--you must remember to take care of your eyes. While many people view eyewear as a means to make a fashion statement, the simple truth is eyewear originally was developed to... pdficon_small.png (download pdf)

Protecting Your Eyes

The retina is the area at the back of the eye upon which the cornea, or lens, focuses light and images to allow sight. The retina is made up of rods and cones, which are light sensitive structures. Cones differentiate color; rods detect... pdficon_small.png (download pdf)

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